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Feb 21 2015: David Hahn wins the Men Cat 4 Race at the Swamp Classic - TT
Upgrade Points!
We updated/fixed the USAC Upgrade points page, so now you can see who is sandbagging, er, FLYING this spring!
posted by: Colin R
Tell me what's happening!
Hey! We drank a bunch of coffee and added a news-feed-ish thing to the front page (if you're logged in. You should log in.) It tells what the heck YOUR PEOPLE have been up to recently. It's like checking Facebook, except without having to wade through all the things that aren't bike race results.

YOUR PEOPLE will automatically include your team (because you're a team player, right? RIGHT??) as well as anyone you've elected to stalk, er, follow. We recommend using the "add who I follow on Strava" function on that page to get a quick list of people whose exploits might interest you.

We promise you will never get a "so-and-so is following you!" email from us. By the way.
posted by: Colin R
These snuck into the series menu a while ago, but we should probably mention that we're now the official host of the USA CRITS Standings as well as the SPEEDWEEK overall standings.

posted by: Colin R
Welcome Back!
We've been quietly stalking the California and Florida scenes all winter (and secretly hating them) but now that the ECCC road season has started, that data wrangling is in FULL SWING.

Last season's improvements from crossresults and a bunch of other new stuff should be here shortly. Just as soon as we can fix the damage this winter did to our w/kg.
posted by: Colin R
Wrapping it up
Hey! We kicked out what might be the final points list of the season and headed over to crossresults.com to get dirty!

We're still adding results here for the rest of the year, but the PARTY is over there now!
posted by: Colin R