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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo Cycling Team 49
Mike Robson TenSpeed Hero 48
Pj Bauser Ten Speed Hero 47
Alex Pherribo Mercedes-Benz 37
Ryan Mix Premier Racing 36
Stephen Gingrich Apex Racing 34
Samuel Welch Apex Racing 34
Greg Steele Pacific Office Automation Cycling 32
Stephen Carlucci Fount Cycling Guild 32
Lloyd Lints Mercedes-Benz 28
Evan Russell Saint Piran 28
Ciaran O'rourke Gene Johnson Cycling Team 26
Keith Robinson Hagens Berman Cycling Team 26
Sterling Quinn ACT 23
Jeffrey Reed Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 22
Jacob Stubbs UBC Cycling Team 22
David Gambel Liquid Velo Cycling Team 22
Ben Elumbaugh Tri Town Bicycles 21
Michael Spangler S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 21
Stephen Fontenot OMG Racing 21
Noah Affolder Pacific Office Automation Cycling 19
Robert Duffy Stages Cycling 18
Titus Amundson Mercedes-Benz 18
Blaine Felton Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 18
John Monnig Mercedes-Benz 18
Peter Collins Forza Portland Racing 18
Daniel Fraser-maraun Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 17
Andrew Shirey Mercedes-Benz 17
Walker Bohannan Premier Racing 17
Tyler Truksa ACT 17
Gary Lardizabal Hagens Berman Racing 17
Randy Manion Mercedes Benz 17
Ben Morin Devo (Guest Rider) UCI License: Juventus 17
Nathan Hakken Apex Racing 16
Nolan Adams Dyna Racing 16
Andrew Baker Liquid Velo 16
Robert Tornai Pacific Office Automation Cycling 15
Kurtis Mccloud Movement Mortgage / GERKS 15
Luis Perez Gene Johnson Cycling Team 15
Ryan Styrk Fount Cycling Guild 15
Josiah Langstaff Pacific Office Automation Cycling 15
Clay Allred Cowlitz Racing 15
Ted Buchanan Taco Time NW 14
Elias Harkins ACT 14
David Grainger Hagens Berman Cycling Team 13
Greg Hoglund Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 13
Russ Sovde Hagens Berman Cycling Team 13
Brian Bailey Pacific Office Automation Cycling Team 12
Joseph Thomas Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 12
James Corcoran Hagens Berman Cycling Team 12
Quin Kennedy SeattleRush Racing 12
Dieter Fox Fount Cycling Guild 12
Ethan Sunseri University of Idaho 12
Colin Staats Fount Cycling Guild 12
Brendan Long Apex Racing 11
Merrick Gallagher Jerry Baker Juniors 11
Campbell Parrish Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 11
Steve Westover Team Booger 11
Xiaohan Zhang ACT 11
Saul Farber Illuminati Cycling 11
Evan Gray Husky Cycling 11
Tim Staloch MCC Racing 11
Alex Murison Bicicletta Factory Racing 11
Forest Tarbath Gene Johnson Cycling Team 11
Steve Blackwell Mercedes-Benz 11
Josh Adams Hagens Berman Cycling Team 11
Reid Parker ACT 10
Kirk Canfield 0 10
Alexander Fraser-maraun Bicicletta Factory Racing 10
Steve Savage Steed Cycles 10
Thomas Horan Fell Swoop 10
Steven Crane Hagens Berman 10
Mark Littrell Mercedes-Benz 10
Brad Halstead CBC Racing Country Green Turf Farms 10
Bradley Bickley Hewdog Racing pb Salita Cyclery 10
Josh Thompson 2 Wheeler Dealer 10
Declan Kelly Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 10
Zachery Miller Cowlitz Racing 10
Peter Stroble Mercedes-Benz 9
Jordan Chapman Ascent Cycling Club p/b Guthrie Cycles 9
George Romer Hagens Berman 9
Claudio Pozzi Fount Cycling Team 9
Graham Gallagher Gene Johnson Cycling Team 9
Parker Mckean Fount Cycling Guild 9
Erin Clendenin Taco Time NW Cycling Team 9
Rhys Haydon Premier Racing 9
Chris Lloyd Team Booger 9
Marvin Quinzon Gene Johnson Cycling Team 9
Ivan Robles Fount Cycling Guild 8
Vincent Marcotte Red Kilo 8
Jude Larene Fell Swoop 8
Matthew Brady Gene Johnson Cycling Team 8
Forest Hietpas ACT-a cycling team 8
Eric Hung Steed Cycles 8
Peter Mumford Husky Cycling 8
Aidan Oliphant Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 8
Russell Wyatt ACT 8
Lee Sackett Kryki Sports 8
Sean Phillips Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 8
Daniel Barna Dialed Cycling Team 8
Joaquin Luna Fell Swoop 8
Jared Despain Hagens Berman 7
Gerald Costa Fount Cycling Guild 7
Ethan Klein Pacific Office Automation Cycling 7
Bart Heer Fell Swoop 7
David Katz Movement Mortgage / GERKS 7
Braden Kersey TaG Cycling Race Team 7
Lucas Nolta Apex Racing 7
George Wright Taco Time 7
Jeffrey Werner Red Kilo 7
Uli Mayer Steed Cycles 7
Brian Baumhover Mercedes-Benz 7
Mack Parshall Tete de la course 7
Eric Berg Hewdog Racing p/b Salita Cyclery 7
Ben Rothacker Apex Racing 7
Chris Joosse Team 2Five3 Racing 7
Nikos Mills Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 7
Jonathan Wagher Movement Mortgage / Gerk's 7
Junqi Ye UCSD 6
Kyle Wills Velosmith Bicycle Studio 6
Robert Manson Mercedes-Benz 6
Jason Evans Illuminati Cycling 6
Todd Dry Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 6
Madison Molitor Fount 6
Samuel Hogman Hewdog Racing pb Salita Cyclery 6
Isaac Miller Husky Cycling 6
Richard Ensworth Pacific Office Automation Cycling 6
Walter Howard Notre Dame Cycling 6
Jesse Favia Favia 6
Trevor Davies Taco Time Cycling Team 6
Stuart Ayling hagens berman 6
Randy Schultz Movement Mortgage / GERKS 6
Noah Arling Gene Johnson Cycling Team 6
Scott Schubert Mercedes-Benz 6
Joshua Keating Mercedes-Benz 6
Travis Venable Apex Racing 6
Justin Heinen Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 6
Zqwan Peterson Fell Swoop 6
Ewan Alexander Fount Cycling Guild 6
Chris Adolf Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 6
Rick Wiedmann Movement Mortgage / GERKS 6
Robert Diaz Fount Cycling Guild 6
Manu Moore TaG Cycling Race Team 5
Ansel Smolund DEUS VELOX p/b JAKROO USA 5
Nathaniel Clark Apex Racing 5
Michael Catterall Stages Cycling 5
Philip Raschke Fount Cycling Guild 5
Owen Kendall Apex Racing 5
Andrew Lynch Gene Johnson Cycling Team 5
Jeff Gaeckle Liquid Velo Cycling Team 5
Jacob Read Mercedes-Benz 5
Dalton Smice Apex Racing 5
Christopher Davis Cowlitz Racing 5
Nicolas Lutz Devo Team 5
John Danielson Gene Johnson Cycling Team 5
Skyler Schwendeman Taco Time NW Cycling Team 5
Joseph Tysoe Unattached 5
Tyson Danilson ACT-a cycling team 5
Matthew Dann ACT 5
Andrew Shenstone a cycling team 5
Theodore Schwartz Premier Racing 5
Rick Roof Unattached 4
Lane Wilkinson Movement Mortgage / GERKS 4
Brooks Brainerd Movement Mortgage / GERK'S 4
Aran Connolly Metro Seattle MTB 4
Brandon Lemke ACT 4
Tyler Free Liquid Velo 4
Victor Peterson Hagens Berman Racing 4
Bill Zimmerman Taco Time NW Cycling Team 4
John Hughes Team George's Cycles p/b RF Foundations 4
Josh Crandall Fell Swoop 4
Sean Murphy Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 4
Josh Mcdowell Fell Swoop 4
Robert Iuliano Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Race Jones E-Voke Racing 4
Brian Falkowski Mercedes Benz 4
Tim Blaney Movement Mortgage / GERKS 4
Ernesto Cabanes Team 2Five3 Racing 4
Jason Ingram Apex Racing 4
Vince Huynh Cowlitz Racing 4
Peter Beels Apex Racing 4
Matthew Allen Stages Cycling 4
Robert Velez Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Tom Hackleman 2FIVE3 Racing 4
Kian Reid Team Booger 4
Michael Pruitt Machete Squad p/b Goblin Mode 4
Tye Blazey Aratech Racing 4
Jeffery Nettles Fell Swoop 4
Scott Stout Hagens Berman 4
Eric Villasmil OREGON STATE 4
Chad Brothers Tenspeed Hero 4
Jacob Smith Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Craig Martin Fell Swoop 4
David Barna Dialed Cycling Team 4
David Ohair Fount Cycling Guild 3
Jamie Park Apex Racing 3
Pablo Castrillo Mercedes-Benz 3
Daniel Hogan University of Washington 3
Corban Nemeth Country Green Turf Farm Cycling w/CBC Racing 3
Finn West ACT 3
Monty Rigby TeamDEVO 3
Ted Collins Forza Portland 3
Steve Thompson Movement Mortgage / GERKS 3
David Gerth Red Kilo 3
Jack Hampson EPYC 3
Sean Bunce Fount Cycling Guild 3
Paul Rigby Escape Velocity 3
Justin Wiggs Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3
Karl-henry Dossous Dialed Cycling 3
John Burton Team ODZ 3
Ryan Malm Chinook Racing Development 3
Alex Ackel Mercedes-Benz 3
Paul Castonguay Bobcats 3
Casey Hill UBC Cycling Team 3
Nathan Dramer EPYC 2
Daniel Hubbell Taco Time NW Cycling Team 2
Samuel Gacad-cowan Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2
Ben Pflaum Fell Swoop 2
Zachary Simon Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2
Chris Blanton Black Sheep Squadron 2
Chris Mahan Fell Swoop 2
Brian Bressler Hupkit Dirtworks 2
Zachary Michaels Red Kilo 2
Stephane Crepin Taco Time NW Cycling Team 2
Angus Rate Apex Racing 2
David Hecht Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 2
Steve Bleifuhs Taco Time NW Cycling Team 2
David Magidson Jerry Baker Juniors 2
Jimbo Jones Sin Frenos 2
Calvin Carter Hagens Berman Cycling Team 2
Wayne Brown Apex Racing 2
Christopher Hodges Hagens Berman Cycling Team 2
Joseph Skokan Movement Mortgage / GERKS 2
Dustin Shaffer Fell Swoop 2
Jeremy Cucco Illuminati Cycling 2
Ryan Solorzano Apex Racing 2
Anthony Cree Fell Swoop 2
Ray Lamont Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2
Mike Brown Fell Swoop 2
Robert Rice Hagens Berman Cycling Team 2
Ryan Lindberg Hagens Berman 2
Edward Rosenberg Mercedes-Benz 2
Brad Gebhard Multnomah Athletic Club 2
Derek Bondy Illuminati Cycling 2
Daniele Reda UBC Cycling Team 2
Kevin Ulrich Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2
Jerry Wickham Bike Barn Livit 2
Brian Mccleerey Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2
James Mckee Apex Racing 2
John Mcconnell Team 2Five3 Racing 2
Austin Duerfeldt Pacific Office Automation Cycling 2
Eric Mckinley Team Oregon 2
Kevin Wallin Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint 2
Ian Gibson Dialed Cycling Team 2
Ty Parshall Tete de la Course 2
James Jennings Apex Racing 2
Jason Delaney Lost Boys Book Club 1
Ayden Young Mercedes-Benz 1
? Dnf John Martin 1
Mike Schwindeller Movement Mortgage / Gerks 1
Denis Pyryev Tritown 1
Alex Rice Supervelo 1
Daniel Beel Dialed Cycling 1
Richard Costello Steed Cycles 1
Max Garvey UBC Cycling Team 1
Julian Soh Mercedes-Benz 1
Ray Brown Aratech Racing 1
Qifan Lu Husky Cycling 1
Ryan Mares Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint 1
Peter Dawson Rock Racing 1
Chance Powelson Illuminati Cycling 1
Allen Chao SHAOLIN 1
Bryson Huie Gene Johnson Cycling Team 1
Jonas Bakkane Fell Swoop 1
James Coats Spokesman Cycling 1
Dwaine Trummert Fell Swoop 1
Eric Simakaski Oregon State University 1
Vincent Moser A-D Racing 1
Dickie Mallison CC Motor Coffee 1
Matthew Lucas Liquid Velo 1
Noah Brown University of Oklahoma 1
Ryan Spivey Apex Racing 1
Matt Denis LHM CC 1
Edward Foyle Apex Racing 1