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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
Greg Talpey Liquid Velo Expeditors 67
Dieter Fox Fount Cycling Guild 51
Joseph Bloodworth Taco Time 49
Trenton Starkey Fount Cycling Guild 40
Justin Heinen Taco Time NW Cycling Team 37
Sam Frigo Gene Johnson Cycling Team 37
Tyrel Lacey RCC 34
William Cucco Tete de la Course 34
Peter Kim Gene Johnson Cycling Team 33
Aaron Halfaker Apex Racing 33
Jonathan Vu Audi Cycling Team 33
Anthony Noakes Gene Johnson Cycling Team 32
Xiaohan Zhang a cycling team 32
Isaac Juracich Liquid Velo Expeditors 32
Thomas Horan Fell Swoop Racing 31
Joshua Keating Audi Cycling Team 30
Andrew Lynch Gene Johnson Cycling Team 29
Andreas Broxson Audi 29
Stanley Huang Gene Johnson Cycling Team 28
Johan Brusa Gerard Cycles 27
Jesse Maris Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 26
Jeffrey Reed Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 25
Graham Gallagher Apex Racing 25
Claudio Pozzi Fount Cycling Team 25
Noah Sanders Team Audi 25
Johnathan Hsu Fount Cycling Guild 24
Colby Simmons LUX/sideshow p/b Specialized 24
Eugene Chu solo breakaway squad 24
Steve Hanson Greenies Bike Shop Richland WA 24
Adrian Magun Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanente 23
Blake Harper Premier Racing 23
Wade Schultz Liquid Velo Expeditors 23
Jacob Smith Gene Johnson Cycling Team 23
Sean Bunce Fount Cycling Guild 22
Ray Lamont Gene Johnson Cycling Team 22
Greg Steele Pacific Office Automation 21
Tyson Danilson Gene Johnson Cycling Team 21
Andrew Scogin Audi Cycling Team 21
Alden Gwinn Audi Racing 21
James Corcoran Gene Johnson Cycling Team 20
Keith Robinson Hagens Berman 20
Travis Frazier Team 2FIVE3 Racing 20
Stephen Gingrich Apex Racing 20
Louis Mcgranaghan Liquid Velo 20
Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo Expeditors 20
Ryan Malm MCC Racing 20
Stuart Ayling Este Racing 19
Chris Toth Fount Cycling Guild 19
Mark Laughery A Cycling Team 19
Robert Tornai Pacific Office Automation Cycli 18
Blaine Felton Taco Time NW Cycling Team 18
Jonathan Popescu Audi 17
Jackson Stoehr Tte de la Course 17
Bill White Gene Johnson Cycling Team 17
John Monnig Audi Cycling Team 17
Forest Hietpas Hagens Berman 16
Kirk Canfield 0 16
Sean Phillips DropBar Racing 16
Greg Hoglund Este Racing 15
Evan Blanshan Premier Racing 15
Ryan Dennison Audi Cycling Team 15
Zach Juracich Liquid Velo Expeditors 15
Jonathan Lafler Audi Cycling Team 15
Edward Foyle Apex Racing 14
Summer Newlands Team Oregon p/b Rhodda Paint 14
Ted Buchanan Taco Time NW Cycling Team 14
Max Ritzow Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint 14
Mark Severy Premier Racing 13
Evan Lih Gene Johnson Cycling Team 13
Victor Peterson Hagens Berman 13
Russell Wyatt Fount Cycling Guild 13
Wayne Chiang Lakemont Cycling Club 13
Ben Marshall Gene Johnson Cycling Team 13
Aviv Litov Gene Johnson Cycling Team 13
Robert Diaz Fount Cycling Guild 13
Gabriel Love Pacific Office Automation 12
Nick Degnan Saint Alphonsus Cycling Team 12
Zachary Gudwin Premier Racing 12
Mike Robson Tenspeed Hero 12
Owen Wright Saint Alphonsus Cycling Team 12
Matthew Slater EVOLUTION Racing 11
Andrew Baker Broadmark Realty 11
Travis Richardson Pacific Office Automation Cycli 11
Alyssa Hargis Darkhorse Racing p/b TCNF.Legal 11
Sean Spingelt Hagens Berman 11
Ryan Havill Taco Time NW Cycling Team 10
Kevin Hodges Fount Cycling Guild 9
Ben Vanderzanden Pacific Office Automation 9
Laura Mullen Dialed Cycling Team 9
Nathan Hakken Apex Racing 9
Shaun Redman VELOBODY / GERK'S 9
Christopher Quast Bearded Monkey Racing 9
Alex Herr Baddlands 9
Joel Lentz Apex Racing 9
Dan Litwora Pacific Office Automation Cycli 9
Luke Feuerhelm LUX/sideshow p/b Specialized 8
Calvin Carter Hagens Berman 8
Jason Ingram Fell Swoop Racing 8
Shannon Wery Fount cycling guild 8
Eric Guan Gene Johnson Cycling Team 8
Caden Stockwell Bloom Race Team 8
Daniel Hubbell Taco Time 8
Ganbileg Bor Nomad 8
Spencer Barclay Audi Cycling Team 8
Troy Solly Caliber Home Loans / GERK? 8
Noah Anderson Gene Johnson Cycling Team 8
Mack Parshall Audi 8
Alexander Gustin LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized 8
James Walsh Rainier Beer Cycling Team 8
Clint Mason TeamODZ 8
Blake Wray LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized 7
Madison Molitor Fount Cycling Guild 7
Jake Johansen Cascadia Junior Cycling 7
Luke Heerema Audi Cycling Team 7
Stephanie Taplin Liquid Velo 7
Benjamin Snodgrass DCL Multisport Fitness 7
Radek Litinsky Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint 7
Max Coleman AUDI 7
Craig Schommer Unattached 7
Cristian Fuentes Pacific Office Automation Cycli 7
Gary Lardizabal Gene Johnson Cycling Team 7
Clint Hastings Inland Empire Racing 7
Chris Wilson Fount Cycling Guild 7
Ian Gibson Dialed Cycling Team 7
Nicholas Mendenhall Apex Racing 7
Joshua Monteith Inland Empire Racing 7
William Dejarlais Audi/Kryki Sports 6
Nate Jacobus Inland Empire Racing 6
Christopher Dennis Apex Racing 6
Matthew Mcgarry Stay Park City Cycling 6
Todd Pettyjohn Fount Cycling Guild 6
Aaron Lavin Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 6
Bor Ganbileg Nomad Cycling Club 6
Matthew Dutton Fell Swoop Racing 6
Ryan Styrk Fount Cycling Guild 6
Ganbold Tsedendamba Nomad Cycling 6
Hunter Westerfield Dialed Cycling Team 5
Elliott Skopin Apex Racing 5
Scout Hollister Gene Johnson Cycling Team 5
Jenna Lingwood Point S Nokian 5
Herbert Munson Union Bay Cycling / Caliber Hom 5
Erik Mills Bicycleway.com/OPS/Mountain Crossing 5
Michael Manning Rock Creek Cyclery pb Fit4ever Studio 5
Eric Zugor BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coaching 5
Luther Riley River City Red 5
Lucas Beatty Unattached 5
Steve Westover Team Booger 5
Kevin Thonney Bicycle Barn 4
Antonio Castaneda jr Pacific Office Automation 4
Darell Provencher Team Rose City 4
David Root Pacific Office Automation Cycli 4
David Iannotti Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 4
Brad Halstead CBC Racing Country green turf f 4
Ayden Young Audi Cycling Team 4
Bob Duffy Team Dr Will Bar 4
Will Harrison Apex Racing 4
Artak Sukhudyan Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 4
Chad C. nichols Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Patrick Dailey Pacific Office Automation Cycli 4
Nathaniel Clark Apex Racing 4
Daniel Dobalian Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Kael Thompson Half Fast Velo presented by Ninkasi Brewing 4
Elijah Engstrom Zone 5 Racing 4
Randy Yao Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3
Austin Hildreth Country Green Turf Farms 3
Kit Culbert RCC 3
Ciaran O'rourke RAD Racing p/b CycleU 3
Zach Wrobel Fount Cycling Guild 3
Colin Staats Fount Cycling Guild 3
Luis Perez Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3
Joseph Thomas Taco Time NW Cycling Team 3
Charles Kao Audi Cycling Team 3
Josh Sollitto Tete de la Course 3
Gil Ormerod Team S&M 3
Derek Koops Hutch's Race Team 3
Tyler Free Liquid Velo 3
Javkhlanbayar Borkhuu Nomad Cycling Club 3
Ian Williams Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3
Benjamin Juracich Liquid Velo Expeditors 3
Gregory Luniewski Caliber Home Loans/GERK? 3
Pj Bauser Ten Speed Hero 3
Bart Heer Fell Swoop Racing 3
Justin Bannerman L'Ecole No. 41 3
Matthew Allen Stages Cycling 3
Jeff Leonard Darkhorse Racing p/b TCNF.Legal 3
Zachary Winter Pacific Office Automation Cycli 3
Ben Tankus Byzick + Company Cycling 3
Mark Clausen Taco Time NW Cycling Team 3
Brandon Wagner Inland Empire Racing 3
Sean Murphy Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 3
David Gambel Liquid Velo Expeditors 3
Lloyd Lints Audi Cycling Team 3
Mark Littrell Audi 2
Tom Cole MCC Racing - Markee Cycling Cen 2
Kevin Wallin Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint 2
Philippe Gauthier Team Wooly Mammoth p/b Ultradynamico 2
David Mullen Hagens Berman 2
Darnell Umagat Liquid Velo 2
Alex Nelson MCC Racing 2
Peter Kuhn Hagens Berman 2
Maarten Brugmans Audi Cycling Team 2
Christopher Hardee dcdevo Racing Academy 2
Brendon Confer Fount Cycling Guild 2
Tye Blazey Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 2
Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing 2
Jonas Bakkane Fell Swoop Racing 2
Ryan P. gilles Byzick + Company Cycling 2
Chase Reidt Team ODZ 2
Leo Herriges Swift Racing PDX 2
Cass Elliott Taco Time NW Cycling Team 2
James West Hagens Berman 2
Sidney Poly Lost River Cycling 2
Tulga Bayasgalan Nomad Cycling Club 2
Angus Rate Apex Racing 2
Aidan Turvey Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2
Mateen Richey Los Angeles Bicycle Academy 2
Pohsiu Lin Fell Swoop Racing 1
Christopher Deitz Inland Empire Racing 1
Mario Sandoval Fount cycling Guild 1
Jude Larene Fell Swoop Racing 1
Milo Mcintosh Tete de la Course Cycling 1
Libby White Fast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink 1
Aaron Jones Apex Racing Team 1
Jack Johnson Bulldog HS 1
Craig Patrick Mercedes Benz p/b RF Foundations 1
Brian Kohagen Team Bobs-Bicycles.com 1
Matthew Heist 0 1
Matt Moncur Mercedes Benz p/b RF Foundations 1
Jason Edwards Inland Empire Racing 1
Andrew Austin Hagens Berman 1
Frank Colich Fell Swoop Racing 1
Chad Sullivan Cycle U/Apex Racing 1
Chris Haverty Pacific Office Automation Cycling 1
Todd Dry Team 2FIVE3 Racing 1
Daniel Recordon Point ? S Racing 1
Stephane Crepin Taco Time NW Cycling Team 1
George Romer Hagens Berman 1
Edward Rosenberg Audi 1
Andrej Miske Team Dr Will Bar 1
David Crawford Este Racing 1
Jon Thomsen Dr Will Bar 1