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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
Greg Hoglund Este Racing 36
Peter Kim Gene Johnson Cycling Team 30
Justin Heinen Taco Time NW Cycling Team 30
John Monnig Audi Cycling Team 25
Stephen Gingrich Apex Racing 22
Travis Stadler Fount Cycling Guild 20
Sean Murphy Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 19
Greg Talpey Liquid Velo Expeditors 19
Jeffrey Reed Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 17
Tyrel Lacey 0 17
Lucas Beatty Unattached 16
Blaine Felton Taco Time NW Cycling Team 16
Trevon Mitchell Northstar Cycling 16
Bill White Gene Johnson Cycling Team 15
Jason Ingram Fell Swoop Racing 15
Brian Shieh Northstar Cycling 15
Peter Kuhn Hagens Berman 14
Nathan Hakken Apex Racing 14
Johan Brusa Gerard Cycles 14
Scout Hollister Gene Johnson Cycling Team 14
Kirk Canfield 0 13
Ryan Mix Audi Cycling Team 13
Stanley Huang Gene Johnson Cycling Team 13
Russell Wyatt Fount Cycling Guild 13
Ivan Robles Fount Cycling Guild 12
Lloyd Lints Audi Cycling Team 12
Xiaohan Zhang a cycling team 12
Eugene Chu solo breakaway squad 12
Artak Sukhudyan Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 12
Andrew Scogin Scogin 12
Edward Foyle Apex Racing 12
Cass Elliott Taco Time NW Cycling Team 11
Ted Buchanan Taco Time NW Cycling Team 11
Troy Seeborn Audi Cycling Team 10
Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo Expeditors 10
Paul Mcdonald Audi Cycling Team 9
Andrew Lynch Gene Johnson Cycling Team 9
Jesse Favia Favia 8
Andreas Broxson Audi Cycling Team 8
Ray Lamont Gene Johnson Cycling Team 8
Tyson Danilson Gene Johnson Cycling Team 8
Nikos Mills Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance 8
Peter Newlands Team Oregon Racing P/B Rodda Pa 8
Thomas Horan Fell Swoop Racing 8
Greg Steele Pacific Office Automation Cycli 8
David Root Pacific Office Automation Cycli 7
Stephen Plomer team oregon p/b rodda paint 7
Sean Spingelt Hagens Berman 7
Alden Gwinn Audi 6
Chad Nichols Gene Johnson Cycling Team 6
Maxwell Rye CCNS 6
Matthew Dutton Fell Swoop Racing 6
Mark Laughery a cycling team 6
Mark Mirante Garage Racing 6
Travis Dougan Fell Swoop Racing 6
Mike Robson Tenspeed Hero 6
Claudio Pozzi Fount Cycling Team 6
Evan Lih Gene Johnson Cycling Team 6
Robert Tornai Pacific Office Automation Cycli 6
Christopher Dennis Apex Racing 5
Charlie Goldston Fast Fun Nice Racing p/b Wattie 5
Daniel Hubbell Taco Time NW Cycling Team 5
Christopher Hodges Hagens Berman 5
Sean Phillips DropBar Racing 5
Matthew Allen Stages Cycling 5
Nathaniel Clark Apex Racing 5
Christopher Anderson Apex Racing 5
Jacob Smith Smith 5
Keith Robinson Hagens Berman 5
Mack Parshall Audi cycling team 5
Jenna Lingwood Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres 5
Jonathan Vu Audi Cycling Team 5
Forest Tarbath Gene Johnson Cycling Team 5
Taylor Stalfort Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Mario Sandoval Fount cycling Guild 4
Zachary Gudwin Premier Racing 4
Chris Toth Fount Cycling Guild 4
Noah Anderson Gene Johnson Cycling Team 4
Luke Heerema Audi Cycling Team 4
Richard Ensworth Pacific Office Automation 4
Mark Littrell Audi 4
William Cucco Tete de la Course 4
Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing 3
Jesse Maris Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite Devo 3
Adrian Magun Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanente 3
Brian Cole Taco Time NW Cycling Team 3
Chris Adolf Fell Swoop Racing 3
Bart Heer Fell Swoop Racing 3
Travis Richardson Pacific Office Automation Cycli 3
Elliott Skopin Apex Racing 3
Sam Horn Apex Racing 2
Patrick Dailey Pacific Office Automation Cycli 2
Jade Rohde Ashland High School 2
John Slawta Team Landshark 2
David Hecht Teamsteam 2
Gregory Luniewski Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 2
Robert Duffy Western Bikeworks 2
Arnie Liati The Valley Athletic Club 2
Benjamin Krucina Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 2
Joseph Thomas Taco Time NW Cycling Team 2
Jason Whittington Team 10 Barrel 2
Danny Weikel Fast Fun Nice P/B Wattie Ink 1
Daniel Reeves Beeminder 1
Dan Litwora Pacific Office Automation Cycli 1
Todd Dry Team253Racing 1
Robby Webster Gerard Cycles 1
Eric Guan Gene Johnson Cycling Team 1
Gary Lardizabal Gene Johnson Cycling Team 1
Frank Colich Fell Swoop Racing 1
Ben Sukys Liquid Velo Expeditors 1
Alex Ackel Audi Cycling Team 1
Rick Roof Team 2FIVE3 Racing 1
David Iannotti Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's 1
Alex Turpin Apex Racing 1
Ian Gibson Dialed Cycling Team 1
Francisco Molinares Gene Johnson Cycling Team 1
James Corcoran Gene Johnson Cycling Team 1
Salvatore Collura Co-Motion Factory Racing 1
Steve Blackwell Audi Cycling Team 1