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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
Steve Bedilion Freddie Fu Racing 69
Alexander Barr Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 53
Jensen Cervati Velocious Sport 50
Tofik Beshir Lateral Stress Velo Inc. 46
Michael Zagorski Roy & Associates Racing 44
John Papadakis Baltimore Youth Cycling 43
Kelvin Savinon ICEMAN RACING/bike by gato 42
Alex Facciobene Unattached 42
Yoel Marino City Bikes 41
Samuel Tuggle C4 Race Team 41
David Bonser Gotham Cyclists 40
Caleb Maxham WS 40
Baker Donahue CRCA / Big Hit Racing 39
Tyler Brendel Unattached 35
Jared Babik Fitt Insider 34
Gavin Robertson CRCA/Foundation 34
Dean Pierson Ocean Velo Club/Culver & Pierson Housing Solutions 33
Michael Stuck WVU Cycling 33
Ryan Raikman East End Cycling Club 33
Alexander Perrin Brands Cycles Metra Industries Enve 31
Ethan Morris dcdevo Racing Academy 30
Pickens Joey Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team/Annapolis Bicycle Ra 30
David Rodda Whole Wheel Velo Club 30
James Evans Unattached 29
Ihosvany Gutierrez 88 Cycling 29
Farren Morrell Team Vitesse 29
Alex Juan pablo zapata Dcc 28
Edward Leonard La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 28
Jeffrey Koontz Project 412 28
David Azodeh Getting It In Cyclists Inc 27
Devin Rohler Unattached 27
Sylvan Garrelts Verge Sport 27
Jose Nunez Rockland Development Program 26
Jared Gaudet N/A 26
Edwin Morel CRCA Team Blue Ribbon/Talent Cycles 26
Bryce Coulter Newtype Cycling 26
Corey Brandle UPMC Sports Med/Pro Bike & Run 25
Oliver Harris Unattached 25
Dylan Lukas Three Rivers Rowing Association 25
Yuan Li San Jose Bicycle Club 25
Devin Sommerville Verge Sport 25
Gabriel Kinnard-brown Unattached 24
Curran Vaccaro US Naval Academy 24
Jason Zimmerman UPMC/ProBike&Run 24
Eric Moon Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 24
Jacob Hines dcdevo Racing Academy 24
Otis Engel Kelly Benefits Cycling 23
Thiessen Coleman University of Pittsburgh 23
Patrick Mead Jefferson Velo/Jefferson Velo Team 23
Hector Berrios Florida Velo 23
Kyle Lynch CS Velo 23
Gary Enman The Locals 22
Vincent Smarrelli Unattached 22
Levi Barker Benissimo 22
Santiago Pelaez Imperium Elite Team 22
Jo Evers Automatic | Abus Racing 22
Joseph Penley Kelly Benefits Cycling 22
Lexter Martinez City Bikes 22
Steve Hunchuck Project 412 21
Mark Hewitt JAM / NCC 21
Daniel Schoeff National Capital Velo Club 21
Eziel Hernandez Independent 21
Alden Weinhold Bike Works p/b Fred Beans 21
Matt Humeston La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 21
Luke Burger Unattached 21
Melvin Gonzalez Karma Racing Team 21
Matteo Fulghieri Hopfly Cycling 21
Samuel Flashner CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 21
Joseph Seidel Verge Sport Team 21
Brandon Harrelson Getting It In Cyclists Inc 21
Jersham Mcjex saludar Rockland Development Program 21
Alexander Denton Appalachian State University 20
Tanner Tsvetkoff Mahoning Valley Cycling 20
Rony Reyes Blue Ribbon / Talent Cycle 20
Baird Newbern AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 20
Connor Dericks Skylands Cycling 20
Alec Briggs TEKKERZ 20
Adrian Diaz City Bikes 20
Coleman Files Velocious Sport 20
Patrick Brown Nepa Velo Pb Discovernepa 20
Chris Prendergast Jamison Racing Team 20
Marcus Jones Crosstown Velo 20
Bryan Gomez REIGN Storm Racing 19
David Friedman Freddie Fu Cycling 19
Dmitry Rossoshansky DC Velo Limited 19
Jake Dixon Newtype Cycling 19
Paxton Summers Baltimore Youth Cycling 19
Kit Bjerk Velocious Sport 19
Anthony Casini Unattached 19
Colin Ely SOAR Foundation Racing 19
Drew Scott Projekt 19
Johan Paez Squadra Miami 19
Timmy Lescop-nivol Dutch Flyers Cycling Club 19
Shannon Dooley Performance Resources 19
Erik Roberto Britt Racing Team 19
Cooper Klein US Military Academy 18
Vladimir Mamolat NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 18
Jack Glennon Bucknell University 18
Alex Van stekelenborg Alex van Stekelenborg Cycling Team 18
Taylor Coleman CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 18
Andres Mangones CRCA / ONYX 18
Santiago Virguez Rockland development programa 18
Pedro Paniagua UPMC Sports Med/Pro Bike&Run 18
Liam Goff AP-CCB Junior Devo p/b Corner Cycle 18
Ethan Dursteler DistrictTaco Racing 18
Matthew Crabbe Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios 18
Geraldo Peralta WWVC Racing 18
Gordon Stiel Red Star Racing 18
Brook Taube CRCA/Dave Jordan Elite Road Team 17
Daniel Gomez City Bikes 17
Iain Carr CRCA / Big Hit Racing 17
Philip Jen Linea Racing p/b Sun & Air 17
Ross Nickerson QCW Cycling 17
James Gallo Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling 17
Zachary Atala Velocious Sport 17
Peter Muffels Rock Creek Velo/Rock Creek Velo Team 17
Dan Rowinski B2C2 Cycling p/b Conte's Bike Shop 17
Charles Buchanan Unattached 17
Carter Bridges UNC Cycling 17
Rommel Morel acosta Proyecto Alpha Cycling 16
Claiborne Pride Artemis Racing 16
Erick Adames 21doce Rd 16
Logan Hornbuckle Newtype Cycling 16
Afonso Borges Unattached 16
Ben Meister Pennsylvania State University 16
Aidan Turvey Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 16
Reinier Gomez Miami Raptors 16
Michael Loweree Penn State Cycling Club 16
Sam Bogumil Rochester Black Bears Composite 16
Konner Wisniewski Espresso Cycle Coaching 16
Kelby Hanson Roanoke College 16
Madison Siegrist Clemmons Bicycle Racing 16
Caden Freyre Kelly Benefits Cycling 16
Quinton Egger WVU cycling club 16
Justin Wheeler Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 16
Luis Saavedra Trek Nyc 16
Brian Sjoberg Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 16
Jon paul Rorech Burrowes Brothers Bikes Wsu 16
Lucas Keith Cornell University 16
Eric Allen Pursuit Racing 15
Timothy Isle Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 15
Brad Greenberg National Capital Velo Club 15
Raul Boesch Rescue Racing 15
Joseph Rose Benissimo 15
Jhoan Caicedo Imperium Elite Team 15
Zachary White Project 412 15
Matthew Mitchell Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team 15
Ethan Ingersoll CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 15
Eric Yonda Automatic Lonely Hearts 15
Isaac Edmundson Unattached 15
Ryan Snow Pursuit Racing 15
Jeff Baatz Velojawn Racing 15
Andreas Mayr DCC 15
Moritz Augenstein DCC 15
C.w. Moran Schell Brothers Cycling 15
Yan Luis arrieta City Bikes 15
Shawn Faurot CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles 15
Ryan Stava CAR6ON RACING / Pedal Power 14
Mark Landree Unattached 14
James Bernard CUBC 14
Michael Stefanosky US Military Academy 14
Alan Carballo City Bikes 14
Kevin Rice QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 14
Jacob Jirinec Pursuit Racing 14
John Deforest Dartmouth College 14
Peter Burkholder Bateman's Bike Co p/b Cloud9 AV 14
Freddie Drummond Top Step Development 14
Camilo Vidal Aros Cycling 14
Davis Barber CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 14
Bryan Hernandez Sanba Cycling Team 14
Bryan Germain Minuteman Road Club 14
Brook Ballard DistrictTaco Racing/DistrictTaco Racing Team 14
Ryan Fletcher Ide Family of Dealerships p/b RV&E Bike and Skate 14
Jacob Mason Squadra Coppi/Squadra Coppi Team 14
Nathaniel Picard-busky Ror Nyc 14
William Myers Colorado College 14
David Ramirez Affinity Cycles 14
Silas Clark Team Solutions Cycling 14
David Kahl Team Propower 14
William Wisse Constitution Racing 14
Joseph Manacchio Guys Racing Club 14
Ian Burt US Naval Academy 14
Bryan Berman Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 14
Carlos Fuentes Hialeah Gardens Bike Shop 13
Nick Cordaro DistrictTaco Racing 13
Cesar Sosa Globe Life Family Heritge Div. 13
Gavin Smith University of New Hampshire 13
Ryan Odonnell Capital Bicycle Racing Club 13
Alexander Scopinich-burgel Kelly Benefits Cycling 13
Lucius Hamblen Velocious Sport 13
John Dausch Unattached 13
Jeremy Peavey Newtype Cycling 13
Charles Koontz Charlie?s Angels 13
Troy Sanders Edge Cycling 13
Michael Brosterman Crca/onyx 13
Sam Xu Century Road Club Assoc 13
Bryce Gonder Pennsylvania State University 13
Raymond Tang Devan Motors 13
Henry Eastburn Tufts Cycling 13
Jaxon Smith NC State University at Raleigh 13
George Carbaugh Towing & Recovery Services 13
Agustin Flores L & D Cycles 13
Dylan Stafford Rescue Racing 13
Chris Cobbs Car6on Racing 13
Ricardo Queiroz Unattached 13
Jhony Jaramillo Miami A1 Vam 13
Adam Michailov Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling/Kelly Benefits S 13
Anthony Trueheart Getting It In Cyclists Inc 13
Alex Weng Cornell University 13
Cole Lewis BikeFitRVA/BikeFitRVA Team 13
Juan Andres ocampo Hilltop Racing Team 13
Julian Carter DC Velo Limited 13
Nathan Kerchensky Project 412 13
Grant Mcalister Wake Forest University 13
Connor Monahan US Naval Academy 13
Ray Guerrero NC State University at Raleigh 13
Leandro Garcia Century Road Club Assoc Team 12
Jonah Lantzy Project 412 12
Carlos Silva Hilltop Racing Team 12
Jamal Jordan CAR6ON RACING / Pedal Power 12
Jack Klau Miller 12
Juan Arango carvajal WORK HARD BE HUMBLE 12
Warren Frank C4 Race Team 12
Ernesto Aviles Route 1 Velo 12
Gregory Guida Gregory GUIDA 12
Jim Brown Ribble Rebellion 12
Luis Luis flores Ciclyng Connection 12
Timothy Herman Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 12
Kyle Mcrory Commencal Fuc-Off 12
Lennox Halstead Krt Racing 12
Dominic Michaelides KruisCX 12
Sam Garver Junk Miles Racing 12
Ari Giovenco Unattached 12
Juan Camilo echeverri Total Civil Construction/Total Civil Construction 12
Emmanuel Alvarez Rutgers University 12
Joshua Loney Merlo & Fahrney Racing 12
Josh Ott Unattached 12
Christopher Wright Unattached 12
Curtis Southern National Capital Velo Club 12
Scott Staubach Route 1 Velo/Route 1 Velo Team 12
Bruno Neto Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 12
Richard Leibfried The Fence Authority / Activeyards / Specialized 12
Paul Arias Pedal Power 12
Jared Eytcheson NewType Cycling 12
Michel Mouly jr Oceanic Racing 12
Andrew Friend DC Velo Limited 11
William Caligari 413 CYCLING 11
Thomas Reynolds Henderson Custom Homes 11
Scot Jaworski DC Velo Limited 11
Stefan Tessoun Team Solutions Cycling 11
Israel Daniel City Bikes 11
Briton John Burrowes Brother Bike/UNITED 11
Alex Bobroff Green Line Velo 11
Chris Snider Pathfinder Factory Racing 11
Lewis Kopchak The Velo Shop 11
Alfredo Rodriguez REIGN Storm Racing 11
Nate Meister Shirk's Bike Shop 11
Kevin Mcdonnell CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles 11
Brendan Smith THR Cycling 11
Matthew Robinson Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 11
Owen Hancock Cleveland Cycling Academy 11
Lincoln Summers Kelly Benefits Cycling 11
Diomar Rodriguez Hialeah Gardens Bike Shop 11
Colin Mihalak Project 412 11
Matthew Peters Verge Sport 11
Christopher Bunero Team Solutions Cycling 11
Alexander Polanco Rockland Development Program 11
Michael Nedd Unattached 11
Joel Travis Qcw P/b Cadence Cycling 11
Daniel Sierra VeloJawn Racing 11
Wyatt Vigilante I RIDE 4 DAVID / ECE 11
Luis Hermoso Project 412 11
Aiden Herron Unattached 11
Paul Hines Artemis Racing 11
Daniel Hernandez Costa Rica Team Baula Sport 11
Jack Zamary College of William and Mary 11
Marcos Omar mendez First Internet Banking 11
Joe Holt TEKKERZ 10
Michael Kolonay Roy & Associates Racing 10
Dave Pro The Fence Authority / ActiveYards / Specialized 10
Ben Cabalu US Naval Academy 10
Nathaniel Langley Unattached 10
Gabriel Anthony Gruppetto Racing 10
Francisco Byrne BikeFitRVA p/b Trek 10
Matthew Mason Squadra Coppi 10
Daniel Nowell The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing 10
Percival Tonha Williams College Cycling 10
Aj Torres CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 10
Shawn Wilson Project 412 10
Jonathan Argenis L & D Cycles 10
Sebastian Sanchez Unattached 10
Camilo Lopez Total Civil Construction/Total Civil Construction 10
Jonathan Flesher Team Espresso Cycle Coaching/Team Espresso Cycle C 10
Adam Lafortune CRCA Development Foundation 10
Jesper Frant Route 1 Velo / Arrow Bicycle 10
Juan Delacruz Rueda Durisimo 10
Julian Borrero CRCA/Dave Jordan Juniors 10
Daniel Borrero CRCA/Dave Jordan Juniors 10
Pamel Almonte Fusion Cycles 10
Blake Herbold DC Velo Limited 10
Henry Coote Competitive Edge Racing 10
Tyler Sullivan AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 10
Joshua Kelly City Bikes 10
Ryan Bierl Projekt 10
Yechiel Moseson Crca Blue Ribbon 10
Jack Bernhard Verge Sport 10
Edgar Buckley DC Velo Racing 10
Jose Armas Excel City Bikes Team 10
Chris Helbling east end cycling club 10
Michael Mihalik MargieBars/ Jmac Cycling 10
Brad Green Bike Works p/b Fred Beans 10
Martin Mrugal The Fence Authority / Activeyards / Specialized 10
David Taylor CRCA /NY Vision - Fuoriclasse 10
Presley Evans Miller 10
Emir Crnovic Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 10
Juan J ferreira City Bikes 10
John Daut Deno's Wonder Wheel 9
Sam Khazai Bike Rack Racing 9
Samuel Boardman Project Echelon/UAL/Aon 9
Keith Ryan Crca/axis 9
Todd Bickling Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 9
Pierce Schmerge Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 9
Jeff Lubkowski TruePath Racing 9
Frankie Ross Sette Nove 9
Jose Timaure Squadra Miami 9
Ian Schwing Mount St. Mary's University 9
Travis Pyle I Ride 4 David 9
Daniel Reiss Team Somerset 9
Drew Sander National Capital Velo Club 9
Roberto Morera Team Hunters 9
Noah Shumskas Verge racing 9
Amilcar Mendez DMV Caribbean Ridazz/DMVCR Race Team 9
Jordy John baptiste With Confidence (LLC) 9
John Sluis Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 9
Andre Campbell CAR6ON RACING 9
Kevin Davie Team Propower 9
Cormac Nagle New England Development p/b Cadence Wealth Managem 9
Carlos Marks Unattached 9
Karl Krasnesky Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 9
Juan Furtado 0 9
Joseph Pizzarella C4 Race Team 9
Stefan Logan Unattached 9
Cole Krueger Marchese Racing 9
Oscar Stangoni Aros Cycling 9
Gio Iera Miami Falcons 9
Luiyi Santos Rocklan Development Program 9
Jerry Gui UMD Cycling 9
Jonathan Fattori National Capital Velo Club 9
Derrick Wettstein Unattached 9
Jaime Alberto castaneda Reign Storm Racing 9
Parker Dugan Virginia Tech Cycling 9
Justin Keefe Fed Hill Cycling 9
Darinel Urena DMV Caribbean Ridazz/DMVCR Race Team 9
Alex juan pablo Zapata DCC 9
Matthew Becker Carytown Sound 8
Alioune Ndoye Jigawatt Cycling Team 8
Xuge Wang UMD Cycling 8
Mattia Solinas Swatt Club 8
Alex Krohn Newtype Cycling 8
Kurt Leadley Dutch Flyers 8
Boden Gentile UVA Cycling 8
Jose M perez 561 titans racing team 8
Vadym Pisotskyi Unattached 8
Joseph Stone Monster Racing Team 8
Antoine Bergeron Ignite Cycling Team 8
Brendan Ronan West Hill Shop 8
Jose Infante Unattached 8
Matthew Galbraith Crca / Team Veselka 8
Eoghan Shields AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 8
Emilio Perez City Bikes 8
Loic Daluzsoares Car6on Racing 8
Luke Biller NC State University at Raleigh 8
Jonathan Wise Newtype Cycling 8
Weston Muoio College of William and Mary 8
Miguel Hernandez A1 mvil bike shop 8
Keenan Novis Squadra Coppi 8
Cadence Stephens Velocious Sport 8
Stephen Guyon Oceanic Racing 8
Matt Flood Pursuit Racing 8
Nick Valentino SpeedLab Racing | SLR 8
Thomas Berle carman Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 8
Daniel Baysinger Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 8
Babak Mansouri DC Velo Limited/DC Velo Limited Team 8
Eyan Hudson US Naval Academy 8
Andrew Booden ECE Racing 8
Eric Cachero I Ride 4 David / ECE Racing 8
Romulo Coronel Rockland Development Program 8
Samir Harris Unattached 8
Saul Metnick CRCA / Unaffiliated 8
Joel Prado Unattached 8
Matthew Briggs Cumberland Valley Collective 8
Ian Borres Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 8
Noe Vasquez Barranechense Cycling Team 8
Drew Goga VeloJawn Racing 8
Derick Martin Getting It In Cyclists Inc 8
Ian Pollock La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 8
Cian Connolly dcdevo Racing Academy 8
Christopher Brewer Unattached 8
Clark Lavoie Miller 8
Bennett Lamb UVA Cycling 8
Remi Pepelko George Mason Cycling 8
Andre Dempsey West Hill Shop 8
Nathan Reymann Summit Freewheelers 8
Alfredo Rodriquez REIGN Storm Racing 8
William Rueckert ERRACE Devo Team 8
James Millett US Naval Academy 8
Jayden Li Star Track 8
Alexander Hinton Unattached 8
Aidan Ankrah DistrictTaco Racing/DistrictTaco Racing Team 8
Charles Decrucq Team Aistriu 8
Thomas Biederer Body Over Bike 8
Blair Saunders The Fence Authority / ActiveYards / Specialized 8
Johnny Phan Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee 8
Dan Johnson EFRT 8
Manuel Caso Miami A1 Vam 8
David Walker Team Propower 8
Hunter Pronovost CCNS 8
Paul Carbonara Crca/axis 8
Jim Elsner Beer Tree Cycling 8
Andrew Suzuki Unattached 8
Jason Mount Freddie Fu Cycling 8
Jordan Parra REIGN Storm Racing 8
Nikolas Di domenico Full Moon Vista 8
Frank Shewmaker Redshift Racing 8
Juan David fonseca Hilltop Racing Team 8
Philip Daniels Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 8
Jon Balatbat Catoctin Cycling Club 8
Stephen Antonishen Roy & Associates Racing 8
Eugene Dougherty Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 8
Owen Brenneman CXD Trek Bikes 7
Sebastian Silberman Princeton University 7
Jeremy Borden ror 7
Jeffery Markham GS Lancaster/GS Lancaster Team 7
Lionel Rodriguez Kingdom Racing 7
Jose Valdivia Raquet/Drunken Dragon 7
David Hearn Artemis Racing 7
Max Martin NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 7
Ray Plewacki National Capital Velo Club 7
Alexander Wolfe Cumberland Valley Collective 7
Jordan Thompson DistrictTaco Racing/DistrictTaco Racing Team 7
Victor Siegfried National Capital Velo Club 7
Dennis Crockett Unattached 7
Parker Mcconville Jigawatt 7
Stephen Chiselko Watts Up Cycling 7
Lynn Murray Ride Ya Bike 7
Andy Cicero Catoctin Cycling Club 7
Erik Grimm Minuteman Empire Automation/Full Moon Vista 7
Brandon Guerro Team Hunters 7
Edison Marulanda Trek Nyc 7
Robert Raymond Community Bicycle Racing 7
Landon Hendershot TTEndurance Junior Devo 7
Grant Carter Army West Point 7
Ramy Nubani Fitt Insider 7
Adam Myers Faction Racing - KW Audi p/b WCC 7
Nicholas Nash Newtype Cycling 7
Harrison Morosco Velocious Sport 7
Jimmy Dyches Team Espresso Cycle Coaching 7
Oliver Babb Big Hit Racing 7
Franklin Gonzalez Robert Sierra Ciclismo 7
Luke Harris Kingdom Elite Racing 7
Frankel Rodriguez Kingdom Elite Racing 7
Nelson Repenning THE METEOR 7
Eduardo Lopez L&D Cycles team 7
Edwin Giraldo Route 1 Velo 7
Tyrone Spady Getting It In Cyclists Inc 7
Max Schneider Projekt 7
Nick Romaniello Verge Sport 7
Jacob Gramlich National Capital Velo Club 7
Ted Dorosheff Meta Normal CC 7
Tae Min Hong East End Cycling Club 7
Roland Meunier iii New England Development p/b Cadence Weal 7
Sean Watson Ziel Concept Store 7
David Mccuskey Crca / Team Veselka 7
Adiel Fernandez Empire Speed 7
James Povolny Liberty University 7
Aundre Cuffy National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 7
Caleb King ECE Racing / IR4D 7
Serguey Fernandez 561 titans racing team 7
Zahir Acuna Unattached 7
Ben Schaffer Bucknell University 7
Marshall Erwood MitoQ - NZ Cycling Project 7
Tomas Salazar Brandeis University 7
Enmanuel Eduardo nuez marzan Team Montecci 6
Derek Darves CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 6
Nick Dohr Tufts University 6
Nicholas Holtz Unattached 6
Sergio Pachon Colombia - Baz Bagel 6
Geremy Veloz Rueda Durisimo 6
Patrick Jahn Milque Toast 6
Dijoun Farquharson LC Tri Shop 6
Ryan Workman Top Step 6
Andrew Temkin Un Tied x Banditos 6
Gregory Hart CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 6
Spencer Tsai Divine Electric Norcal 6
Cameron Cook Bullfly Racing 6
Brian Garciga 88 Cycling 6
Darian Welsh Century Road Club Assoc 6
Bryan Sison Houlihan Lokey 6
Mark Linton DMV Caribbean Ridazz/DMVCR Race Team 6
Jamie Castaneda REIGN Storm Racing 6
Heriberto Rodriguez-gallo 88 Cycling 6
Wilfredo Matute Hamakan Sport Team 6
Adam Raymond Bicycle Therapy Racing 6
Luis Guinand Jalapeo Cycling 6
Ben Connolly Central Park Raccoons NYC 6
Dariel Ramirez Unattached 6
Simon Eyob Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 6
Micah Jewell CAR6ON RACING 6
Aiden Jasmin West Hill Shop 6
Jesse Mcentire Hopfly Racing 6
Geoffrey Milsom District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 6
Gustaf Hamblen Velocious Sport 6
Danilo Galeano Miami A1 Vam 6
Thomas Maggio National Capital Velo Club 6
Luke Kessler Fed Hill Cycling 6
Pedro Medina City Bikes 6
Nathan Porter Capital Bicycle Racing Club 6
Max Jacob CRCA/Dave Jordan Elite Road Team 6
Aiden Herron Virginia Tech Cycling 6
Matthew Spong Milligan University/Specialized Bicycles/Factor Components 6
Glen Rectenwald CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 6
Cameron Crise TTEndurance 6
Steve Beaulieu Magenta Express p/b central wheel 6
Kongwei Tang Starchild 6
Christopher Ray Alpha Racing Team p/b Adventure Cycling 6
Phong Nguyen VietVelo 6
Fred Stutzman Team EFRT 6
David Wilson Unattached 6
Nathan Yost Kelly Benefits Strategies 6
Jarred Stacey Newtype Cycling 6
Aaron Rape Cycles BiKyle 6
Samuel Frias Stellare Racing Team 6
Steven Kurpiewski Fitt Insider 6
John Morehouse DistrictTaco Racing 6
Robert Smithson None 6
Jonathan Pressman Team Shimano 6
Gregory Low Pursuit Racing 6
Nathan Goates Cumberland Valley Collective 6
Jonathan Marshall QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 6
Mark Sumner Capital Bicycle Racing Club 6
Robert Wing Verge Sport 6
Mauricio Daza Ocean Velo Club/Culver & Pierson Housing Solutions 6
Brent Hinkle The Fence Authority / ActiveYards / Specialized 6
Carl Pinkney DC Velo Limited 6
Alex Boulden Squadra Coppi 6
Rodney Johnson DMV Caribbean Ridazz 6
Quinn Killy Lateral Stress Velo Inc./Lateral Stress Velo Inc. 6
John Paul amalong University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 6
John Kruegler Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee 6
Eric Mcbride Kingdom Racing 6
Kerry Humphrey Red Star Racing 6
Clayton Griffin Oceanic Racing 6
Tim Dinger Merlo & Fahrney 5
Carlos Zamarripa Jigawatt Cycling Team 5
Richard Holec Miami Blazers 5
Divik Verma Dartmouth College 5
Billy Taylor Good Guys Racing p/b Strategio 5
James Pearl HopFly Racing 5
Steve Dorst 1 Lap 5
Andrew Gardner ENGVT - UnTapped 5
Jack Diemar Primal - Audi Denver 5
Andrew August Minuteman|Empire Automation p/b Full Moon Vista 5
Todd Burns Unattached 5
Masaharu Ito CRCA / Team VESELKA 5
Lance Dionne CS Velo 5
James Robinson CRCA/Rockstar 5
Thomas Savage CTS Cycling Team fueled by Hiball Energy 5
Jonathan Wells Alto Velo Racing Club 5
M. andrew Ruiz CBRC 5
Ciaran Mangan Wheelworks racing 5
Christian Sell Qcw/pb/cadencecycling.com 5
James Joseph Ws united/sprintime 5
John Spittal GS Lancaster 5
David Gates National Capital Velo Club 5
Michael King Unattached 5
Richard Creed Revolution Cycle Sports p/b LoneRider Brewery 5
Christopher Shaw CRCA/Rockstar Games 5
Darin Marhanka Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 5
Gabriel Murray Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 5
Alberto Rafael ramos vargas CRCA/Foundation 5
Sean Webber Unattached 5
Samuel Lasher Bucknell University 5
Ari Kaputkin Crca / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 5
Andrei Nugaev NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 5
Neil Donahue East End Cycling Club 5
Leo Semonsky Constitution Racing 5
Terry Feather Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 5
Nate Ricketts CURB Lookbook 5
Michael Morris Pursuit Racing 5
Aaron Bovalino Margie Bars/Jmac Cycling 5
Gavin Evans Gotham Cyclists 5
Mason Baturka Baltimore Youth Cycling/Baltimore Youth Cycling Te 5
Luke Flaxman UVA Cycling 5
Chandler Evans Hot Tubes Development Cycling 5
Marc Lee THR Cycling 5
Gavriel Brun CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles 5
Hunter Dempsey Velocious Sport 5
Jonathan Ramirez Flow Formulas 5
Jonathan Lafler Gray Duck Racing 5
Andrew Robinson HopFly Racing 5
Juan Hinestrosa Squadra Miami 5
Ethan Hendricks Elves/subway 5
Ethan Blocker FreeFly Elite Development 5
Sam Hart College of William and Mary 5
Wyatt Pratt Verge Sport 5
Dustin Schuemann Jigawatt Cycling 5
Andrew Martinek Cutaway Blanchards Coffee 5
Joshua Beaulieu University of New Hampshire 5
James Kim SpeedLab Racing | SLR 5
William Dodds Jersey Shore Tidal Waves 5
Luis Gastell Hialeah Gardens Bike Shop 5
Nicolas Ariza NYC 5
James Schwitalla Unattached 5
Michael Green Miami A1 Vam 5
Dylan Treece Army West Point 5
Benicio Benitez Catoctin Cycling Club/Catoctin Cycling Club Team 5
James Jetton MACC Racing 5
Henry Tambellini Endorphin 5
Alexandar Barratt SOILED.CC 5
Edwin Groby Krt Racing 5
Elijah Tielmann DNF 5
Sam Ritchie MitoQ - NZ Cycling Project 5
Hudson Lubbers Hustle Pro Cycling 5
Leo Torres Sanba Cycling Team 5
Noah Petersen P412 5
Patrick Verissimo Unattached 5
Jon Carroll Project 412 5
Garrett Gallaher US Air Force Academy 5
Ricardo Rodriguez Miami Falcons 5
Benjamin Wucher Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 5
Evan Partington Miller 5
Lance Henninger Pitt Cycling 5
Josh Armstrong VeloJawn Racing 5
Jakob Keeney Virginia Tech Cycling 5
Brave Baumgartner Lateral Stress Velo Inc./Lateral Stress Velo Inc. 5
Ethan Landon 545 Velo 5
Alex Conway US Naval Academy 5
Kian Han Unattached 5
Tony Hua Unattached 5
Netanel Hurtig Unattached 5
Kyle Devine-szymonek Zero Ducks Racing P/b Eat Dirt 5
Saba Jugeli New Haven Angels 5
Jonathan Schanewolf Merlo Fahrney racing 5
Sofia Chuqui Family Skate 5
Nicholas Reyes US Naval Academy 5
Ryan Hwang SpeedLab Racing | SLR 5
Henry Zellers 717cycling 5
Anthony Awojoodu Goodfellas Cycling Club/Goodfellas Cycling Club Te 5
Michael Verhaaren THR 5
Luciano Smith A 5
Brent Tyrrell Bikes Unlimited 5
Mateo Garcia castaneda CRCA/Foundation 5
Daniel Cedeno Fundation 5
Hugo Migani Aros Cycling 5
Michael Drost Unattached 5
Reed Hopwood Squadra Coppi/Squadra Coppi Team 5
Alberto rafael Ramos vargas CRCA/Foundation 5
Alec Pelton Dartmouth College 4
Ivan Han Unattached 4
Vance Boyd Tufts University 4
Brian Colwell Max Power Coaching 4
Crisman Jones Unattached 4
Rinaldo Gonzales Raza Latina 4
David Timm DistrictTaco Racing 4
David Mcwhorter NewType Cycling 4
Robert George Cycleworks Performance Bicycle Shop 4
Matt Batman Full Spectrum Racing 4
Ken Parker Toxic Haste 4
Nathanael Fry ignite junior cycling 4
Luis Moreno Rollerdynamic 4
Keegan Barrows Berkshire Outfitters 4
Alexander Larsh CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 4
Jonathan Chaflawee Unattached 4
Oscar Romero Parceros Team 4
Todd Witzleben Buffalo Bicycling Club 4
Yoyo Lu Cornell University 4
Enoch Wynen Keystone Racing P/b Wav Chiropractic Team 4
Darius Hartsfield Artemis Racing 4
Marvin Stewart UVA Cycling 4
Luigi Deschamps Rockland Development Program 4
Matthew Geyer 545 Velo 4
Zach Kuster Skratch/Ostroy 4
Ethan Susilo Boston University 4
Michael O'grady Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 4
Samir Varma UVA Cycling 4
Jack Burton Tufts University 4
Rob Riley Schell Brothers 4
Hank Shoemaker Velocious Sport 4
Jamaal Torrance Unattached 4
Paul Vrouwenvelder Velocious Sport 4
Michael Lavalle Goodfellas Cycling Club/Goodfellas Cycling Club Te 4
Keith Davis 530 4
Al Hassane fall SOAR Foundation Racing 4
Peter Schmidt National Capital Velo Club 4
Jeremy Scheid Team Solutions Cycling 4
Karl Laubacher National Capital Velo Club 4
Patrick Dicus Hamilton College Cycling 4
Wesley Reed 1 Lap 4
Milan Kamphuis CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 4
Mason Siedor Unattached 4
Paul Seiler Velocious Sport 4
Jamar Jefferson Getting It In Cyclists Inc/GII 4
Landon Thomas University of Maryland-College Park 4
Xaven Monsalud Kelly Benefits Cycling 4
Toby Martin PA Independent 4
Laszlo Vasko GREEN LINE VELO 4
Franklyn Alvarez Team Alvarez 4
Owen Gibson Resilient Racing 4
Kevin Abbot Capital Bicycle Racing Club 4
Macon Grier Sweet Spot Cycling 4
Marcos Morales City Bikes 4
Justin Paton Sherpa 4
Mark Streb Twin Line Velo - IDE 4
Warrick Underwood Kelly Benefits Strategy Cycling 4
Erick Hamon piraguita CRCA/Foundation 4
Isaac Kovack Pioneer Mortgage Funding p/b JB Bike Shop 4
Cameron Avrigean La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 4
Rudy Discua The Estelares Racing Team 4
Ryan Hafner KOLEKTIV Cycling 4
Jose Luis pea Trek NYC 4
Alessandro Cannizzo Minuteman|Empire Automation p/b Full Moon Vista 4
Charlie Stein Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 4
Arihant Kalidindi Crca / Team Veselka 4
James Miller Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 4
Angel Rodriguez Tallahassee Composite 4
Jon Griese Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 4
Simon Ellison Linea Racing p/b Sun & Air 4
Ben White Pursuit Racing 4
Michael Ybanez B1 Gruppo Cycling 4
Chris Hall MACC Racing 4
Raul Diaz Somi Bike 4
Michael Zurak Rogue Racing p/b Sail Away Coffee 4
Mitchell Hopkins Henderson Custom Homes 4
Jim Nicholson Team 2 Cycling 4
Sean Maher Capital Velo Club - CVC 4
Jorge Fernandes Domino’s Racing p/b Luzo Fuel 4
James Furman Constitution Racing 4
Robert Kelly DC Velo Limited 4
Cameron Quick DC Velo Racing 4
Andre Gates Roanoke College 4
Robert Maier Roy & Associates Racing 4
Michael Waller Unattached 4
Kyle Shenk Gs Lancaster 4
Garfield Smith Down Town Bicycle 4
Alex Myers La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 4
Kevin Clark Florida Velo 4
Juan Suarez JS CYCLE 4
Mark Eytcheson Wave 1 Performance 4
Keith Siklenka Golden Sports Race Team 4
Leonardo Perez avila Unattached 4
Jake Gilmore Miami Bikes 4
Jason Valenti Racersportif - Mattamy Homes 4
Chad Tavernia Team Placid Planet 3
Eric Serantoni Hopfly Racing 3
Terence Auter PV RACING 3
Matthew Lloydthomas CRCA / Big Hit Racing 3
Joshua Qian Blue Ribbon 3
Philip Maynard CNYC/NYCM Insurance 3
Trevor Raab Velocio Northeast 3
Joshua Graves Salty Chimp Racing 3
Mauricio Campos C Town Racing 3
Parker Lytle National Capital Velo Club 3
Michael Sambrano Fitlore 3
Bryan Velasquez Los Melos Cycling Team 3
Daniel Burns Catoctin Cycling Club/Catoctin Cycling Club Team 3
Jose Molina Unattached 3
William Luecke DC Velo Limited/DC Velo Limited Team 3
Jim Bronson Sportif Coaching Group/AVC 3
Brian Cardona Genesee Valley Cycling Club 3
Alexander Brown DistrictTaco Racing 3
Rider Unknown 0 3
Eric Anderson Team Somerset 3
Ron Jacobs Wheelworks Racing 3
Tom Luther State 9 Racing 3
Joe Straub Constitution Racing 3
Etsu Taniguchi Crca / Team Veselka 3
Tim Mullins Carytown Sound 3
Jonathan Greene Rad Cycling Collective 3
Roger Turner UCSC Cycling Team 3
James Davall A Dogs Day Out 3
Matt Loftus Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds GMC/Subaru 3
Jon Murray Beer Tree Cycling 3
Edward Krasnai Classiccycling.com 3
Neal Stansbury Activeyards / Specialized 3
Eric Sorensen NCVC 3
Houston Trim iii Youngblood Bicycles 3
Sebastian Colorado CRCA-ONYX 3
Mitch Stauffer INTENT 3
David Spreen 545 Velo 3
James Martin Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 3
Francois David Unity Gravel 3
Mark Walter Shippensburg University of PA 3
Kevin Krantz Schell Brothers Cycling 3
Craig Saari TO WHEELS 3
Alex Reichmann Redshift Racing 3
Che Nunez Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 3
Evan Cheney Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds GMC/Subaru 3
John Oakes GVC/cycles de ORO 3
Ziad Lien DistrictTaco Racing 3
Mason Crabbe Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios 3
Maxwell Darocha City Bikes 3
Clete Willems Unattached 3
Roberto Barbier Duke University 3
Noah Smith Red Star Racing 3
Hunter Thompson Velo Amis / Henrys Bicycles 3
Alberto Silveira BANG BANG RACING 3
Jonathan Chin Newtype Cycling 3
Bryan Roeper District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 3
William Donahoe Unattached 3
Daniel Charen Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 3
Bob Umbel Schell Brothers Cycling 3
George Elias New Haven Angels 3
Seamus Joyce-johnson Massachusetts Institute of technology 3
Thomas Mckibbin Rogue Racing P/b Sail Away Coffee 3
Jade Rohde Team Landshark 3
Brian Duncan C4 Race Team 3
David Speaks Velocious Sport 3
Jeff Lincoln Pursuit Racing 3
Thomas Dreps University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3
Chris Guydish Rescue Racing 3
Stephen Mcdermott Route One Velo/Arrow Bicycle 3
Yu Sheng chen Capital Bicycle Racing Club 3
Max Ebens Star Track 3
Thomas Sanford CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 3
Sammy Sujak Giovannis Bicycle Club 3
Jacob Mccarthy Capital Bicycle Racing Club 3
Gabe Bowman Revolution Cycle Sports 3
Isaac Flood Velocious Sport 3
Laverne Eberly Otterhaus Coaching 3
Drew Laird College of William and Mary 3
Owen Little Meta Normal CC 3
Camille Cherpion Crca/dave Jordan Racing 3
Derek Simpson EMPYR CYCLING 3
Nolan Sands Baltimore Youth Cycling 3
Brandon Fastman Route 1 Velo/Route 1 Velo Team 3
Jack Odonnell Capital Bicycle Racing Club 3
Idel Armenteros Miami Raptors 3
Ting Shen DistrictTaco Racing 3
Michael O'leary CAR6ON RACING / Pedal Power 3
Michael Chickene NewType Cycling 3
Dominique Lomax Team Flow Cycling 3
Elijah Blackwelder North Carolina State University 3
Ethan Smiley Unattached 3
Leonardo Ponce Unattached 3
Toni Rodriguez Weis Factory Racing 3
Sandy Lastres City Bikes 3
Jeff Reynolds DQ 3
Salvador Faris Miami A1 Vam 3
Brennan Tickell GREEN LINE VELO 3
George Bentley Army West Point 3
Lincoln Baumgartner Lateral Stress Velo Inc./Lateral Stress Velo Inc. 3
Timothy Colson Pinnacle Coaching 3
Kellen Moore Artemis Racing 3
Leonardo Victoria Crca/onix 3
Rydian Searles CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 3
Jeison Álvarez NYC 3
Cameron Chappell Clemmons Bicycle Racing 3
Donnell Perry Getting It In Cyclists Inc 3
Andrew Schmid Salty Chimp Racing 3
Ryan Takacs CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 3
Ryan Lynch Coalition Cycling 3
Steven Manuel polanco elena CRCA/Foundation 3
Gavin Forney Team North America Inc./Team North America Inc. Te 3
Johan I zambrano Latinos cycling club 3
Tad Brisson Bike Works P/b Fred Beans 3
Eric Bennett Pennsylvania State University 3
Raphael Pourcelot Fed Hill Cycling 3
Dylan Oklopcic Endorphin Fitness 3
Salem Alsai Velocipede 3
Kirk Austen RealDeal Racing 3
William Mair Star Track 3
Aksel Moore Unattached 3
Domenick Dibiase WYNR 3
Aiden Linehan City Bicycle Company 2
Amir Jacome Rock Creek Velo 2
Juan García NYC 2
Kenneth Craft Greensboro Velo Club 2
Caleb Leach Liberty University 2
Johan Martinez Quick Team 2
Silvio Navia Thirty Parceros 2
Dominic Lewis Team North America Inc./Team North America Inc. Te 2
Roque Matus M&M Engineering 2
Josh Ainley Unattached 2
Brayden Wilson Rock Creek Velo 2
Sascha Ferkowitsch Meta Normal CC 2
Anthony Faure DQ 2
Mikhail Razon Unattached 2
Kellan Pearson Endorphin Fitness 2
Moritz Moeller Century Road Club Assoc Team 2
Drew Thibault Unattached 2
Gerardo Rivera Proyecto Alpha Cycling 2
Ben Small Princeton University 2
Vincent Crispino Bennett's Bicycles 2
Steven Almanzar Pedal Power 2
Tyler Collins Buffalo Bicycling Club 2
Henry Stewart Unattached 2
Joel De la cruz JDprocycling 2
David Esoldi BMTR 2
Andrew Gray Penn Cycling 2
Christian Henriksen Liberty University 2
Robert Burnett THR Cycling 2
Roy Kidwell Team Eusless 2
Aiden Burt Pennsylvania State University 2
Richard Morris Full Spectrum Racing/Full Spectrum Racing Team 2
David Cary Sweet Spot Cycling 2
Trystan Chilcoat Rutgers University Cycling 2
Willy Gomez Unattached 2
Michael Thompson CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 2
Michael Roseberry NICH +SpeedClub 2
Stu Moran B.B. Barns Cycling Team 2
Luke Kikstra Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 2
Nelson Crocker Rock Creek Velo 2
Tony West Getting It In Cyclists Inc 2
Vincent Franco Skylands Cycling 2
Jose Gil Team Flow Cycling 2
Julio Antonio 0 2
Walter Ortega Relentless Racing Team 2
Timothy Mckoy 700Cycling 2
Greg Knabel BikeFitRVA p/b Trek 2
Glentis Michel Hilltop Racing Team 2
Courtney Ehrlichman Unison Racing 2
Felipe Aros Aros Cycling 2
Dilon Hubbard Dcc 2
Garrett Churchey Unattached 2
Greg Hockenbrocht CRCA / Team VESELKA 2
Elijah Gunther VeloJawn Racing 2
Ethan Craine Project Echelon/UAL/Aon 2
Michael Gallik Miller 2
Leonardo Salgado gonzalez Thr Cycling 2
Marcus Kennedy The Velo Shop 2
William Mcentire SupraBars.com 2
Ts Mitchell SHARP IRON Riders Racing & Velo Club 2
Ethan Courson VeloBrew Racing 2
Shannon Shuskey GVC/Cycles De ORO 2
Zach Martinez Velosport Cycling 2
Chad Davis Perkiomen Bicycles 2
Matthew Budofsky Kissena Cycling Club 2
Aidan Vollmuth Verge Sport Team 2
Daniel Tkacik La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 2
Ethan Delgrosso Comp Edge 2
Alvaro Soltero CRCA/To Be Determined 2
Christopher Pulomena Rogue Racing p/b Sail Away Coffee 2
Evan Coleman UVM Cycling 2
Mitchell Baturka Baltimore Youth Cycling 2
Dave Heck Fulgas 2
Richard Klosinski Rothman - Verder Cycling Team 2
John Nelmes DC Velo Limited 2
Andrew Hepburn Unattached 2
Kevin Gallo Squadra Coppi 2
Chris Lloyd Rogue Velo Racing 2
Anthony Bailey Milligan University 2
Gregg Cromer Oceanic Racing 2
Thomas Sedlacek jr Blue Mountain Velo 2
Daniel Soltan Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee 2
Jerry Jacobs Velojawn Racing 2
Fred Thomas A-D RACING 2
Willie Payton CRCA/Axis 2
David Grant The Fence Authority / Activeyards / Specialized 2
John Churan Total Civil Construction 2
Bill Dolan Christian Cycling Tucson 2
Patrick Hogan Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 2
Anthony Abate DNF 2
Ron Short Pro Pedals Bike Shop 2
Jonathan Elison CS Velo 2
John Davis BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coaching 2
Nicholas Bevilacqua Independent 2
Jules Van kempen Cervelo - OrangeLiving 2
Michael Parent Competitive Edge Race Team 2
Chris Eck Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 2
Philip Gil Tuga Cycling 2
Angelo Calilap The 5th Floor NYC 2
Trey Shepard AUTOMATIC | ABUS Racing 2
Gregory Cherr Buffalo Bicycling Club 2
Robert Deferrante Tioga Velo Club 2
Edwin Calderon sr FloridaVelo 2
Mark Scott National Capital Velo Club 2
Paul Gregory Hopfly Racing 2
Ryan Quinn Unattached 2
Jason Engle Waldo Racing 1
Pat Doner Salty Chimp Racing 1
Joseph Mchugh Unattached 1
John Levkulic Gotham Cyclists 1
Daniel Proulx Bike Doctor/Richardson Bike Fit 1
Sean Mccarthy Unattached 1
Cole Davis Ribble Rebellion 1
Jose Babilonia Unattached 1
Alex Rishty Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1
Anthony Angelini Team ADL 1
Matthew Emerick Red Star Racing 1
Adrian Amos Full Spectrum Racing 1
Jeremy Santucci Weis factory racing 1
Lucas Stierwalt DDP Elite Cycling Team 1
Trimane Goddard Getting It In Cyclists 1
Juan Constanza Phase Cycling 1
Timothy Smiley Whole Wheel Velo Club 1
Nate Baltikas Setanta 1
Rob Chimento Salty Chimp Racing 1
Joseph Meyerfuchs Joes Guitar Shop 1
Dan Underwood Total Civil Construction 1
Adam Fulcher DistrictTaco Racing 1
Aric Line DC Velo Limited 1
Robert Meikle Schuyler County Cycling 1
Corey Knowles Local Openers p/b South Wales Beach Club 1
Neal Coughlin SupraBars.com 1
Robert Wellmon QCW Cycling 1
Haluk Sarci Crca /deno's Wonder Wheel 1
Art Podgorski jr. Competitive edge Racing 1
Kevin Yarde EUIN Creative Racing Team 1
Christopher Long Outpost 1
Patrick Gellineau Team Somerset 1
Joseph Baremore DC Velo Limited 1
Brent Lucas Hollywood Big Wheelers 1
David Neider Genesee Valley Cycling Club 1
Jeremy Carter Unattached 1
Nathan Stover CS Velo 1
Michael Vestal Clemmons Bicycle Racing 1
Brad Harman Chain Reaction Bicycles 1
Ransford Robinson TEAM BMC 1
Robert Gottlieb gottlieb 1
Mario Mazza Kanberra p/b Five & 20 1
Scott Farrell Kanberra p/b Five & 20 1
Scott Wright Pursuit Racing 1
Rui Ponte Dc Velo 1
Andrew Ngo George Mason Cycling 1
Jay Murphy Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team 1
Jacob Bernas Velocious Sport 1
Hunter Mycek Cs Velo 1
Michael Buan Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling 1
Noah Chinemilly Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv 1
Rudy Aguilon garcia Unattached 1
Daniel Lizio-katzen CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 1
Eric Model Team Solutions Cycling 1
Patrick Mohl Otterhaus Coaching 1
Matthew Glowacki Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 1
Thomas Klaben jr Pursuit Racing 1
Boden Chenail Verge Cycling 1
Daniel Spellman Weis Factory Team 1
Michael Jones Cs Velo 1
Michael Martys La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 1
Ronald Kurney 700 cycling concept 1
Chris Haas THR 1
Luke Sedor protti NCC 1
Kyle Herschberger US Military Academy 1
Alastair Amos Full Spectrum Racing 1
Scott Moore Revolution Cycle Sports 1
Isaac Rosenthal Colorado College 1
Nathaniel Summers ERRACE Devo team 1
Nathaniel Gervez Competitive edge Racing 1
Michael Carroll University of New Hampshire 1
Francisco Ichtay Squadra Miami 1
Antonio Guzman Squadra Miami 1
William Farrow Gotham Cyclists 1
Trevor Fuhriman Unattached 1
Craig Teich Big Shark 1
Peter Olivo Ride 4life Cycling 1
Malachi Franklin Them Bammas racing 1
Maxwell Oickle Virginia Tech Cycling 1
Derek Schaadt Massachusetts Institute of technology 1
Baudilio Toc Sanba Cycling Team 1
Mark Mazel AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 1
Hadden Beykirch Liberty University 1
Adam Yaffe Kissena Cycling Club 1
Aaron Yontz ORR Factory Team 1
Devin Maclaga Team Solutions Cycling 1
Logan Auyeung Star Track 1
Ryan Turk Wide Open Cycling 1
Gordon Su Linea Racing p/b Sun + Air 1
Gustavo Salvini Pioneer Mortgage Funding 1
Joseph Oster US Naval Academy 1
Nelson Fumero Miami A1 Vam 1
Nicolas Benn Waldo Racing 1
Gunnar Eichler Intensity Endurance 1
Christopher Hearl UNATTACHED 1
Esrom Kidane Unattached 1
Benjamin Swaim Benissimo 1
Stephen Franco Skylands Racing Team 1
Michael Maywalt Shickluna Bikes/KenDev Realty 1
Kyle Benson Route 1 Velo 1
Reon Fogg Artemis Racing 1
Matthew Quinlan Max Power Coaching 1
Philip Cofer Goodfellas Cycling Club 1
James Outterbridge SOAR Foundation Racing 1
Sean Guest Soar Foundation Racing 1
Jefferson Luna Rueda Durisimo 1
Luiz Garcia Sc360 1
Benjamin Burnett University of Maryland-College Park 1
Peter Frelinghuysen ECCT 1
Ethan Gamble US Naval Academy 1
Orlando Garcia Citrus Park Bikes 1
Mike Batyko NEPA Velo pb DiscoverNEPA 1
Jason Graham Unison Bike Labs 1
Justin Highley Bikes Unlimited 1
Gaocheng Liu QCW Cycling 1
Edison Bautista Rollerdynamics 1
Elias Bradbury bradbury bros 1
Leo Edwards Rock Creek Velo 1
Toren Lazar Baltimore Youth Cycling 1
Roberto Diaz City Bikes 1
Brayan Borrego Miami A1 1
Whitney Mulder Outpost 1
Aaron Seip Meta Normal CC 1
Nicholas Kincaid Unattached 1
Ian Tovar Pedal Power 1
Antonio Kutas Rock Hill Hit Squad 1
Sam Brummitt Route 1 Velo/Route 1 Velo Team 1
Ben Pearlstine Rescue Racing 1
John Treadwell Northeastern University 1
Giorgio Dipaolo Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD 1
Benjamin Friedman QCW Cycling 1
Nick Domachowski Team Type 1 1
Jialing Gao New York University 1
Thomas Puschnik DNF 1
Josiah Koko DMV Caribbean Ridazz 1
Caleb Bodwell Star Track 1