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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
Alejandro Che Team VeloSport 46
Landon Dendy WE Development 39
Brandon York Farmers Cycling 32
Alan Flores Monster Racing Team 32
Cole Davis Unattached 30
Christopher Jaggers Southern California Velo 30
Ian Abrahams Team Elevate Racing 30
Alejandro Hernandez Serious Cycling 30
Francisco Flores S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 30
Tony Dominguez S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 30
Michael Schanafelt E-VOKE RACING 29
Pascal Ackermann-karam Firestone Walker Race Team 28
Kris Ulibarri S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 27
Roman Lopez S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 27
Jacob Longo Los Angeles Bicycle Club 27
Daniel Page Mill Creek High School 26
Eli Watson Bros Ride Bikes 25
Giovanni Romero s2c/BOSCHpb PRIMAL 23
James Barnwell Velo Pasadena Team 23
Larry Tanzo Padyak Racing Team 23
Brendan Luongo Team VeloSport 23
Michael Reese Santa Barbara Bicycle Club/SBBC 23
Freddy Ovett L39ion Of Los Angeles 22
Austin Denhardt Padyak Racing Team 22
Scott Gleason Nopinz R3R 22
Max Van loo iSpeed Racing 21
Ryan Voth Team Redlands 21
Lubin N piedras avila CFT/AXION Cycling Team 21
Rex Roberts RIDE BIKES BRO 20
Andre Campbell Artemis Racing 20
Alexander White CS VELO RACING 19
Noah Mandow Los Angeles Bicycle Academy 19
Jack Watson Bros Ride Bikes 19
Michael Perez Velosport Cycling 19
Steve Landry S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 19
Ulises Lopez Red Fury 19
Espen Kateraas Big Orange Cycling p 19
Ian Adduru Integrity Riderz 18
Chris Stephenson CINCH 17
Isaiah Thompson Go Fast 17
Joshua Hernandez Raising Cane's / ORIGIN Racing 16
Steven Fick GO FAST 16
Raul Quiroz CFT/AXION Cycling Team 16
Blake Becker Team VeloSport 16
Daniel Nicolette BBI-SIC 16
Kenneth Rogers Davis Phinney Foundation Masters Cycling 15
David Garcia San Diego Bicycle Club 15
Ulises Alfredo castillo soto Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling 15
Clifford Chan South Bay Wheelmen 15
Jorge Alejandro zapata rincon 3HC-Fenix Racing 15
Theo Obholzer Saint Piran Pro Cycling 15
Nicolas Trejo HitSquad Racing p/b Birdworx 14
Brian Maclean Dons Bikes 14
Wout Roos S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 14
Kyle Kilmartin Team Six 14
Christian Rodriguez Monster Racing Team 14
Mateo Diaz S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 13
Cole Clayton Velo Kings Racing p/b ATP Coaching 13
Vaz Deravanesian Aduro Racing Club 12
Andrew Sanchez Serious cycling 12
Hasani Hennis Miami Blazers 12
Anthony Freeman Big Orange Cycling 12
Michael Penta E-VOKE RACING 12
David Morrison SDBC 11
Ray Vega Serious Cycling 11
Matt Walton Go Fast - Incycle 11
Christopher Mcdonald Go Fast - Incycle 11
Bernard James uclaray Delano Cycling Club 11
Vincent Stipo Southern California Velo 10
Christian Ramos Vivid Cycling Club - VCC 10
Alec Cowan L39ion Of Los Angeles 10
Oktay Ortabasi BOOST CycleSport 10
Alex Brewer CBS Cycling 10
Jim Woodburne WMRC LANDIS/TREK 10
Ricky Shorts Bahati Foundation 10
Steve Brown Bahati Foundation 10
Leo Reyes Southern California Velo 10
Jon Davis Serious Cycling 10
Benjamin Petzoldt S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 9
Sean Matthews Penuel Bicycles 9
James Macdonald Coureur presented by Spinergy 9
Spencer Tanner DEUS VELOX p/b JAKROO USA 9
Bradley Jones BBI-SIC 9
Chad Boyer Team Velosport 9
Caedan Aveling New England Devo 9
Michael Spangler S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 9
Shaochen You Coureur presented by Spinergy 9
Holden Hammontree MCAGCC Peloton 9
Frankie Mecono Firestone Walker Race Team 8
Clever Jose martinez moros Miami Blazers 8
Sebastian Pena Sebastian PENA 8
David Rochin Padyak Racing Team 8
Gavin Hlady Coureur presented by Spinergy 8
William Swett Pedal Mafia 8
Adam Beno Monster Racing 8
Ryan Huffman SC velo 8
Reyes Hilario South Bay Wheelmen 8
Jorge Hernandez Velo Pasadena Team 8
Arjun Burgos BOOST CycleSport Jun 8
Frank Wyer Team Simple Green/MediaSpot/Rock-n-Road Cyclery 8
Fernando Lindo Padyak Racing Team 7
David Michael sweet ALTO VELO RACING TEAM 7
Tony Sanchez Farmers Cycling 7
Matteo Dal-cin TORONTO HUSTLE 7
Carl Parker Firestone Walker Race Team 7
Donnie Marquez Big Orange Cycling p/b Beachbody Performance 7
Darren Fahy Subaru Santa Monica Racing 7
Zachary Thomas DEUS VELOX p/b JAKROO USA 7
Christian Zollner AT 1 LAP 7
George Wehner Alto Velo 7
Andrew Carr Cycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscle Milk 7
Sean Krick Subaru Santa Monica Racing 6
Michael Morrison SDBC Powered by Bonnici Law Group p/b UC Cyclery 6
Diego Rangel Serious Cycling 6
Zach Martinez Velosport Cycling 6
Carlos Macpherson SoCalCycling.com 6
Max Leong Team Velosport Junior & U23 Development - Rock n Road Cyclery 6
Han Zhang University of California-Berkeley 6
Matthew Normand San Diego Bicycle Club 6
Artemio Martinez S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 6
Kendall Stanley FACTORY RACING 6
Matthew Easter HSR Racing p/b BIRDWORX 6
Jose Reyes S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 6
Scott Claes e11even Masters 6
Mike Oceguera SC VELO 6
Viggo Moore LUX-CTS p/b Speciali 6
Yumeto Shigihara Subaru Santa Monica Racing 6
Patrick English FLX Racing 5
Byron Davis HitSquad Racing P/B 5
Fernando Hernandez sdbc 5
Jeffrey Crisostomo Padyak Racing Team 5
Andre Nash Cerritos CA 5
Brendon Bolin Subaru Santa Monica Racing 5
Paterno Jr degracia Padyak Racing Team 5
Aden Wardrop Ride Bikes Bro 5
Jose Morales Full Circle Cycling Powered by Pure Gear 5
Jon Nist Monster Racing Team 5
Robert Neary G3Foundation / Trek 5
Thomas Ryan Celo Pacific 5
Christian Kownacki Padyak Racing Team 5
Brad Decker HSR Racing p/b BIRDWORX 5
Christopher Ackerman UCLA Cycling 5
David Gong University of California-Santa Barbara 5
Dominic Orlando University of California-San Diego 5
Luis Marcos gallardo Op Training 5
Tony Smith Hit Squad/Squeaky Wheel Bike Shop 5
Benjamin Cousins Velosport Cycling 5
Pete Tholl Davis Phinney Foundation 5
Emilio Azcona SoCalCycling.com Team 5
Roberto Martinez Delano cycling club 5
Zachary Castillo Southern California Velo Junior Development Team 5
Dylan Anderson UCSB Cycling 5
Kurt Braeckel Padyak Racing Team 5
Max Halpern Team California 4
Marcos Solis Para 605 4
Calvin Smith Spooky Factory Team 4
Gama Lara Advance2Race 4
Jonas Woodruff Next Wave Developmen 4
Carlos Mac pherson SoCalCycling.com Team 4
Vamsi Subraveti University of California-Berkeley 4
Nicholas Mcchesney Team Velosport 4
Samuel Gutierrez Citrus Valley Velo 4
Jan Wignall University of California-Davis 4
Danny Lee Serious Cycling 4
Jomari Bangayan Padyak Racing Team 4
Louis Tejeda Padyak Racing Team 4
Brayan Rosales BOOST CycleSport 4
David Bautista S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 4
Matt Brantveyn CareFast 4
Tristan Mitchell University of Southe 4
Taylor Vaccari Chico Cycling Team 4
Ara Oggoian Kitzuma Racing 4
Michael Charleton Red Peloton 4
Tim Coleman S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 4
Michael Matz Wolf Pack Cycling 4
Octavio Marquez Martin Pro Bikes 4
Chris Hahn Velo Pasadena Team 4
Michael Heiss Green Line Velo driven by Zipcar 4
Michael Araluce Kitzuma Racing 4
David Vargas fastbike 4
Travis Mccarty Vivid Cycling Club - 4
Prince Patel Serious Cycling 3
Jake Cohen Fig Mtn Brew Racing - Santa Ynez Valley Cycling Club 3
Jeff Deguide Padyak Racing Team 3
Christian Velasquez cft 3
Scott Winzeler Carefast Cycling 3
Bobby Lozoya Fig Mtn Race Team 3
Craig Zimmerman Jessup Auto Cycling 3
Rene Corella UCI CT: Team Skyline 3
Samuel Macias CFT/AXION Cycling Team 3
Noah Slack Monster Racing Team 3
Carlos Gonzalez South Bay Wheelmen Foundation 3
Lare Wardrop Monster Racing Team 3
Jesus Rocha CFT/AXION Cycling Team 3
Kevin Lewis Velo Pasadena Team 3
Ernesto Davila Los Angeles Bicycle Academy 3
Ramon Rios Opprime Cycling 3
Juan Munoz Padyak Racing Team 3
Dennis Gavrilenko University of California-Los Angeles 3
Hennis Hasani Miami Blazers 3
Taylor Granger S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 3
Brooks Benard STANFORD 3
Jesus Sanchez Go Fast 3
Odinn Thordarson Boost CycleSport 3
Al Quesada SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC Cyclery 3
David Avery CBRE Racing 3
Samuel Seibel GALAXY CYCLING 3
Jose Velez Velotown Racing Team 3
Lawrence Xia Subaru Santa Monica Racing 3
Aaron Miranda Team Six 3
Tom Howlett Padyak Racing Team 2
Eric Hartman Lightning Velo 2
Jacob Peraza OSI BIKE TEAM 2
Jonathan Gutierrez S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 2
Michael Gibbs Firestone Walker Race Team 2
Makoto Okamoto Velo Club La Grange 2
Ladonn Williams Major Motion Cycling 2
Sean Middleton University of California-Santa Barbara 2
Alessandro Cirulli University of Califo 2
Fidel Ruvalcaba Peytons Bikes 2
Chris Plouffe Sons of SCV 2
Nathan Hoang St. Francis High School 2
Da Ron king Major Motion Cycling 2
Victor Testa PAA Cycling 2
Dennis Liang University of California-San Diego 2
Omar Audelo CFT/AXION Cycling Team 2
Carlos Franco Hope Sports 2
Robert Itoh Big Orange Cycling 2
Darryl Mcclanahan Echelon Santa Barbara 2
Charles Hogan E-Voke Racing 2
David Aldrich ARB - Vital Urgent Healthcare 2
Kirk Bausch Davis Phinney Foundation Masters Cycling 2
Ernest Sanchez S2C/BOSCH pb Primal 2
Wilson Gorrell Folsom Bike 2
Peter Dorantes Velo Club La Grange 2
Gerald Bacher e11even Masters 2
Jon Alejo Cycle World Road 2
Conrad Hindert San Diego Bicycle Club 2
Aaron Wang Torrey Pines High School 1
Brian Mitchell Big Orange Cycling p/b Beachbody Performance 1
Javier Tellez ej dental 1
Micah Sanchez Team Six Cycling 1
Tony Sanfilippo Davis Phinney Foundation Masters Cycling 1
Ruben Lopez D9 Foundation / CBS Cycling 1
David Heath Team Velocity 1
Joe Chang Rogue Athletic 1
Raul Vazquez-diaz Big Orange Cycling p/b Beachbody Performance 1
Kyle Mitchell Majestic Cycling 1
Nicholas Bishop Aloha Cycling 1
Marvin Hall Davis Phinney Foundation Masters Cycling 1
Eugene Raphaelian Polli Veloce 1
Jonathan Sebat Coureur presented by Spinergy 1
John Camilli Metalmtn Cycling 1
Pablo Lozano Los Angeles Bicycle Club 1
Chuck Morgan Team O2 1
Mario Higareda Kitzuma Racing 1
Mark Walker PAA Cycling 1
Rolando Ganasi Padyak Racing Team 1
Matthew Amano Clemson Cycling 1
Carson Bagley Carson BAGLEY 1
Lismar Junquera Serious Cycling 1
Soroush Shahriari Big Orange Cycling 1
Jingren Xu University of California-Davis 1
Luke Sheltraw UC San Diego 1
Anthony Pablo flores Monster Racing Team 1
Johann Magana Aduro Racing Club 1
Hicham Bekraoui Aduro racing club 1
Dain Pankratz Bros Ride Bikes 1
Thierry Hall Veloce Santiago 1
Phillip Gutierrez 0 1
Matthew Rios E-Voke Racing 1